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Power of Networking (07) 2017

We are glad to present to you, our monthly networking event hosting young industry professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about technology, in a speed networking evening. As always, it will be good times to get together, connect with remarkable entrepreneurs, learn from peers, and just generally have a good time with other like-minded professionals.

Undeniably, various industries including food, fashion, health, construction, hospitality etc have to work with technology for a seamless and easy workflow process. YAP&E will bring together these various industries to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Co-Create for Change in this technology savvy environment..

Power of Networking

We’ve organised this event to connect you with the ‘techies’ so as to grow your business or other endeavours. Wouldn’t it be great to network with the people, partners, organizations, and resources that can help you build your business or career and take it to the next level .

So save the date and get prepared to have a very splendid and educative time. Feel free to bring your friends and coworkers to enjoy every bit of the event.

Remember, the world is going digital….

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The Food Business Workshop with Sisi Pepper Konsult Catering

Food Business in Nigeria is an all season business. With the fast-growing population, there is always a need to eat. This is what makes restaurant businesses in Nigeria very lucrative.

We believe some friends and family members must have given compliments about your cooking, if yes the food business could be for you! Also if you are already a food entrepreneur this food business workshop is here to add lots of behind the scene insights on how to effectively grow a profitable food business in Nigeria.

We’re collaborating with Kanyinsola Osude, a seasoned hospitality, and food service professional, with over 10years of executive, management, leadership and catering experience to host the Food Business Series Workshop! She owns and runs her passion project and personal brainchild, Sisi’s Pepper Konsult Catering.

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Since this is what she’s passionate about she’s going to be dishing more about innovative food, service and execution, effective sales, marketing strategies and taking your food business to another level. She loves improvement and has a listening ear to feedback so you’re assured of a very hands on and interactive workshop.

Get ready to kick start your passion after attending this food business workshop!


YAP&E Power of Networking (05) 2017

‘If you need more business, more contacts, more connections with other focused young individuals, then you’re in the right place! YAP&E’s Power of Networking is an effective platform where like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs meet to share experiences, exchange ideas and grow their businesses and career by fostering trusted relationships.

Our networking events are a proven and enjoyable way to generate new contacts and to build your business/career this second quarter of 2017.

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The Music Business Series Workshop with Godwin Tom

Do you know that the Nigerian entertainment industry – is able to generate billions of naira in revenue and create growth in the Nigerian economy? In line with YAP&E’s renewed focus on developing valuable resources and strategies to achieve business success, we’re pleased to be collaborating with Godwin Tom to present the Music Business Series Workshop.

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Power of Networking (03) 2017

Over the past few months, we have created avenues for Professionals & Entrepreneurs to build a stronger network that can help them achieve their personal, business and social goals through the YAP&E Power of Networking. We’ve also received a lot of positive reviews so far and want you to take advantage of this event to build a stronger network and share ideas with a vast number of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Power of Networking (02) 2017

We’ve been a little quiet from here but that’s only because we got busy developing valuable resources and strategies that you, other business owners and professionals can adapt to achieve business success. 2017 is about to be an amazing and wonderful year with a lot of positive turnarounds for us all.

Before we go ahead with our activities for the year, we’ve decided to host a power of networking mixer for young professionals and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to connect, chat and foster new relationships with some of the brightest minds in View more

Power of Networking (07) 2016

Come and experience the Power of Social Networking at our 2nd International networking event this July!!! YAP&E has consistently and successfully held monthly networking events since June 2014. Our first International event took place in London last August and it was a huge success; lots of attendees gained mutually beneficial business and professional connections. View more

Power of Networking 2016 (06) – Disrupting The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Networking is an essential part of building wealth. Your wealth of contacts/network can be the stepping stone to your development and success in your career or business. Meeting and connecting with these contacts does not have to be a daunting task, YAP&E’s monthly networking events creates a platform for young professionals and entrepreneurs to build mutually beneficial relationships, expand their social circle and also creates the opportunity to be seen and heard; after all people like to do business with people they know. The power of Networking births new ideas and makes you visible to the right people. This month’s edition features a guest speaker; Oluseye Soyode Johnson, an Innovation Expert who will be talking on ‘Disrupting The Entrepreneurial Mindset’. It will be a power packed and informative event!

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Manners Matter Etiquette Workshop for Adults

It’s no secret that Nigeria is going through a very difficult economic time.

Don’t lose hope because smart people have prospered during and after the Depression. It was a time when those who knew what they were doing made great economic strides, and the very nature of the Depression was an economic boon for them. It was a time when several people benefited from aggressively learning new skills while their competitors cut back.

People don’t stop spending during an economic meltdown and companies don’t stop hiring; most just look for value and companies look for employees that have the “X” factor.

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Power of Networking 2016 (05)

Nothing makes networking better than amazing people with similar drive being around each other in a very conducive environment. Consistently networking with professionals and entrepreneurs can prove to be very valuable in terms of self-improvement and career development.

YAP&E’s monthly Power of Networking event allows like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs connect, build new relationships and explore collaborative opportunities.

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Power of Networking 2016 (04)

April’s edition of our monthly networking event will host top individuals from diverse industries who will be looking to connect and explore opportunities to collaborate. We have a guest speaker who is a top security expert Tanwa Ashiru (Former U.S Air Force Intelligence Analyst and Founder of Bulwark Intelligence) to share tips on survival, home security, journey management amongst others.
As it is no news that since the beginning of 2016, Nigeria has seen an upsurge in violence, kidnapping, car robberies amongst other security threats, we’re providing attendees with a one hour security session on how best to prevent yourself and loved ones from being targets. We look forward to hosting you.

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Postponed: Power of Networking

Speed dating is all about having a fun night out and meeting new people, face to face in the easiest possible way. Meeting people in a city as busy as Lagos can be a daunting task sometimes. One of the reasons why The Love Chest in collaboration with YAP&E is bringing together this Speed dating event for like-minded professionals, it will be a great opportunity for socializing and making new friends.

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