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Many of our ambassadors; our clients and guests at YAP&E who come together to network have expressed their need for a platform that enables them to showcase their products and their services – that is why YAP&E Exhibitions is such an integral part of our service to Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Our Exhibitions give our clients; business owners and serial entrepreneurs alike, the opportunity to not only showcase their products and services, but also provides an on-the-spot opportunity for them to learn more about other products and services within their industry.

For example, if you will like a face-to-face interaction about any aspect of your business with your key audience, such as your customers, agents within your industry, resellers & retailers of related products, or even trade peers, then YAP&E Exhibition is the best place to be, as all of these advantages are available for you to maximize.

Our Exhibition ground is an organized and properly coordinated market arena that enables you to effectively communicate your unique brand qualities to hundreds of consumers. We provide the best place to launch or promote a product or service and get feedback on the activity from key customers. Our Exhibitions also make it the perfect platform to draw industry and audience attention toward your product or service in a short time.

You also get the opportunity to exchange notes with contemporaries within related industries. In YAP&E we do not believe in competition – we believe the way to the top is to “Collaborate and Co-create for Change!”

YAP&E Exhibitions creates the opportunity and environment to introduce and showcase new, innovative products and services in the Marketplace whilst providing you the right atmosphere to collaborate with like-minds with whom you can co-create more innovations.

3 reasons why you must register for YAP&E Exhibitions

  • Product launch: Members of your industry, interested buyers and media will be in attendance. This enables you to attract the attention of multiple trusted audiences towards your product or service easily.
  • Build relationships: YAP&E Exhibitions is an excellent place to network with potential buyers & clients, this way, you maximize the opportunity to not only develop new connections but also build interpersonal relationships with buyers and distributors of your products and services.
  • Instant sales: Our Exhibition enables one-on-one interactions with your target market. This interaction can help you overcome buyer doubts, thereby enabling you to accelerate the decision-making process i.e. buying process. You also have the opportunity to kick-start your revenue by selling your products and services at your stand at the exhibition.