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The Food Business Workshop with Sisi Pepper Konsult Catering

Food Business in Nigeria is an all season business. With the fast-growing population, there is always a need to eat. This is what makes restaurant businesses in Nigeria very lucrative.

We believe some friends and family members must have given compliments about your cooking, if yes the food business could be for you! Also if you are already a food entrepreneur this food business workshop is here to add lots of behind the scene insights on how to effectively grow a profitable food business in Nigeria.

We’re collaborating with Kanyinsola Osude, a seasoned hospitality, and food service professional, with over 10years of executive, management, leadership and catering experience to host the Food Business Series Workshop! She owns and runs her passion project and personal brainchild, Sisi’s Pepper Konsult Catering.

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Since this is what she’s passionate about she’s going to be dishing more about innovative food, service and execution, effective sales, marketing strategies and taking your food business to another level. She loves improvement and has a listening ear to feedback so you’re assured of a very hands on and interactive workshop.

Get ready to kick start your passion after attending this food business workshop!