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This is where it all begins. We meet, we connect and it’s a whole spiral effect what goes on in our Social Networking Events.

Forward-thinking professionals and gurus across board mingle with serial entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. All under one roof – it is an explosion of energy bursting with enthusiasm.

Why you must Network!

  • Shared Knowledge is so powerful. Networking is great for sharing spontaneous ideas and experiential knowledge.
  • It’s natural that networking will result in opportunities. You never know when your next big break will emerge.
  • Remember you are not just gaining exposure to the people in the room; you are building connections with their network too. One person is all you need because that single individual is the key to several other vital resources you may never have known otherwise.
  • Increased confidence. When networking becomes a habit, so that you are able to talk about your mission anywhere in the world, your self-confidence becomes an icebreaker any day – and an irresistible force that draws others to you.
  • Raising your profile. Brian Tracy says, “The more people know you, the more people will like you.” And in his book, The Way to The Top, Donald Trump reveals, “People like to work with people they like.”

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It is therefore mandatory at our Networking events that everyone connects with someone and communicates freely & nicely, exchange business cards with the intention to collaborate in future and eventually co-create something massive and significant that would change our world.


We call that “Do the 5ive C’s!”

Connect to Communicate to Collaborate to Co-create for Change.