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Power of Networking (07) 2017

We are glad to present to you, our monthly networking event hosting young industry professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about technology, in a speed networking evening. As always, it will be good times to get together, connect with remarkable entrepreneurs, learn from peers, and just generally have a good time with other like-minded professionals.

Undeniably, various industries including food, fashion, health, construction, hospitality etc have to work with technology for a seamless and easy workflow process. YAP&E will bring together these various industries to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Co-Create for Change in this technology savvy environment..

Power of Networking

We’ve organised this event to connect you with the ‘techies’ so as to grow your business or other endeavours. Wouldn’t it be great to network with the people, partners, organizations, and resources that can help you build your business or career and take it to the next level .

So save the date and get prepared to have a very splendid and educative time. Feel free to bring your friends and coworkers to enjoy every bit of the event.

Remember, the world is going digital….