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Our seminars are interactive sessions that provide our ambassadors, clients and participants the opportunity to learn from those who have gone ahead of us and have succeeded in their various businesses, and areas of expertise.

YAP&E Seminars bring together communication specialists, life coaches and business coaches, strategists, consultants and expert speakers who use their real life experiences as a mentoring tool on how to grow, succeed and thrive in the marketplace.

The objective is to empower all YAP&E ambassadors by equipping them to achieve their desired results and maximize their full potential.

3 reasons why YAP&E Seminars are a core ingredient for personal growth

  • Expert Knowledge: Seminars give you intensive exposure to a topic through presentations and discussions led by multiple experts.
  • Oral Communication: YAP&E Seminars can be a comfortable, open environment for practicing professional communication techniques. Our seminars help you become a better listener, present your comments and ideas clearly and be open to others’ points of view.
  • Networking: Along with having access to experts, YAP&E Seminars also give you the opportunity to meet other people who share your interests.