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Tiyan Alile – Chef owns Culinary Academy Nigeria (Has attended two YAP&E events)

“I met someone at the first one who was a recruiter who helped me recruit an accountant that has been working for us since December. I think it’s a really good platform for networking.

I think it’s met my expectations in terms of being a really really good networking platform”.


Leye Makanjuola – Chief Marketing Officer at Intense (Has attended 7 YAP&E events)

“It’s been great cause I’ve met a whole of people who are interested in doing business and I’ve actually done business with a couple of them.  It’s a good event for making contacts”.


Ayo Akinola – runs a career guiding service Push CV (Has attended 3 YAP&E events)

“I got to meet a number of people. A few of them I do business with today and a few, we’re just cool, we’re friends. It’s a great experience; it’s one of the best places to network at in the country.  The fact it happens at different spots makes it very interesting, it opens your mind to new places and new experiences as well as meeting like-minded people.


Ayo Fanimokun – Graphic designer. Owns jewellery business Circa 64 and a stationery business

“I was not sure what to expect, I’ll be honest. This was a very easy going, relaxed atmosphere, very interesting eclectic mix of people. I’m really glad I came. I’m very impressed, very very impressed, this won’t be my first and last time, I will definitely be back. It’s a great networking opportunity, you really get to meet a wide range of people and make great connections.


Ayo Odunlami– Director of technology for a group of schools and a software engineer

“I met a good number of people which hasn’t happened to me since I moved out of Lagos.

I’ve met a couple I can definitely start some business ventures with.

It’s difficult to meet people in this city in a very neutral setting and this just seems to fit the bill because it was professionals and everybody seemed to have the same mind-set. “


Peju Ugboma – Chef and Food critic

“I’m definitely going to be back here next month.”


Destiny Amana – Web designer and IT Support. DJs at Sway bar

“The people there were young and dynamic, it was a laid-back atmosphere, pleasant. I enjoyed it”


Samuel Akpan – works at Airtel

“The mix of people has been really surprising; in a good way, that was what I was sort of hoping for.  In this sort of environment I would say it was a good experience.

It’s definitely a good place to network. Nobody is standoffish which is another thing you were sort of scared of, everybody is pretty open.  Nothing beats the ambience where you are able to relax, you know there’s no pressure.”


Tolu Fagbayi – Banker and Make up artist

“It’s a great event, I’m actually surprised cause I’m not one for these type of events, but there’s a good turn out today and there are a lot of people that can help my business as well as me helping them. It’s a good thing; I’m coming back next month.”


Ufoma Michelle – Entrepreneur: runs UK Skin Academy and Chinese restaurant

“These kind of events are always useful.”


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