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In YAP&E we are familiar with daily challenges and issues that arise with staff and teams, which are common to Executives, Business Owners and Employers alike. These challenges evidently, are effects arising from the absence of capacity building, character building and self-development skills.

Our Leadership trainings, Entrepreneurship trainings and Capacity Building workshops for the forward-thinking professional is non-negotiable. We recommend best practices and the ultimate goal is to build up both the executive and the leader in your staff, teams or employees.

We take a more personalized approach that develops the person in their current position. The result is a more confident, resilient and adaptable leader who can better meet any situation as it arises.

Example of Three (3) benefits of a well-organized Leadership Training Workshop

  • Training flow-down: When the management is strong at the top-executive level, the positive effects will filter down and have a flowing effect to all employees.
  • Strengthens organizational bonds: Leadership-training workshops not only develop strong leaders but it also teaches managers and supervisors to become followers as well thereby encourage feedback from their team and hands on staff.
  • Opens up a world of career possibilities: Leadership training workshops and succession planning can help identify people with the potential to fill leadership positions, they also help to shape & groom the executive team for the future. Good leaders are required at all levels of any business or profession.

YAP&E Leadership Training Workshops are a must for any organization that wants to lead with their head and follow with their heart.